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Printing for SNC Students


To print using a library computer or college-owned computer, simply use the File > Print function.

If you would like to print using your laptop or any personally-owned device, visit and follow the prompts. You can print to any printer on our network from anywhere.

The cost for black and white printing is 4¢ per page, while color is 12¢ per page. All charges are applied to your student account. Students receive a credit of $14.00 for printing each semester. Any credit remaining at the end of the semester is automatically zeroed out and then reset for the following semester.

Multi-function printers (MFPs) can be used to make copies at the same cost as printing. You can also use MFPs to scan documents; there is no cost for scanning as these documents are emailed to you.


Advanced Options

Using a laptop or desktop computer, St. Norbert students, staff and faculty can print from any application via the traditional "File/Print" method.


  1. Download and install the Google Cloud Print Driver
  2. Open a Document you wish to print.
  3. Print the Document using the File menu and selecting Print.
  4. Select the Google Cloud Printer.
  5. Follow the prompts to select any available printer and adjust print options.


  1. Download and install Cloud Printer app from the Mac App Store (small fee).
  2. Download and install the PrintProxy package
  3. Open a Document you wish to print.
  4. Print the Document using the File menu and selecting Print.
  5. Select the Google Cloud Printer.
  6. Sign in with your SNC account
  7. Select the printer you wish to print to
  8. Click "Submit Job to Printer"
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