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Computer Requirements

Recognizing the important role that technology plays in today’s world, St. Norbert College requires all incoming students to own a laptop computer. The use of laptops and other educational technologies at St. Norbert will help enrich your learning experience, promote greater communication and collaboration, and better prepare you to use digital technologies in the workplace.

Laptop Requirements

Whether you choose to bring an existing laptop or purchase a new one, below you'll find the minimum and recommended specifications for a laptop computer that will satisfy the laptop requirement for most academic programs at St. Norbert College.

Several academic programs have additional or more stringent laptop requirements: art, computer science and teacher education among them. Requirements for these programs are detailed in the Special Program Requirements section below.

A note on tablets and smartphones: Generally, tablet devices (iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other Android-based tablets, Windows Surface, Kindle Fire, etc.) are not suitable as primary computing devices for many majors, although they may work for class and college-related communication and collaboration. With an external keyboard, use of cloud-based productivity software (e.g., Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365), and St. Norbert's virtual computing lab, some students may find that a tablet can meet their major computing needs, but you should evaluate this very carefully before deciding on a tablet as your primary computing device. Smartphones are not practical as primary computing devices for normal coursework. Both tablets and smartphones can be excellent supplemental devices, however.

To see a breakdown for the individual requirements for PCs and Macs, visit our Computer Requirements web page.

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