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Teacher Education - Recording and Uploading from your webcam to WeVideo

Requirements before getting started

  • Link to give your account access WeVideo's premium features (provided by your instructor)
  • A browser supported by WeVideo: Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge
  • Webcam


Visit the link provided to you to access WeVideo's premium features and select "Join with an Existing Account." Then click "Log in with Google," make a new project and click the record button. You will be prompted to install a browser extension and allow permissions to record using your webcam if this is your first time recording using WeVideo. Lastly, click "Record."



When you are finished with your recording, click "Stop Recording" then "Download." This will ensure you have a copy of the file safely on the local storage of your device. Wait for the download to finish before you close this window or turn off your device. It is also recommended to take a minute to open the file and make sure it plays back properly.



Later, when you are want to work with your video in WeVideo, click the green upload button, select your video file, and upload the file. You can monitor the progress of the upload by watching the progress bar that appears next to the green upload icon.


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