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How To Access An Email List Home Page

Before proceeding, you should know that what we've always called "email lists" are called "groups" by Google. We use these terms interchangeably.

You are able to view and edit settings for any email group of which you're a member. If you're also the owner of a group, you have access to additional settings.

To view the group home page, use one of these two methods:

1) Visit on a traditional computer (not a mobile device). Find the group. Do this by clicking "My groups" on the left and then click on the group name in the list. (You may also want to use the search tool at the top if you're on many groups.)

- OR -

2) You can also just visit the group page directly by visiting the URL for that group. The URL looks like this:


Notice that the address of the group is at the end of the URL; feel free to substitute the address of any list of which you're a member.

For easier access in the future, find the name of the group in the left navigation under "Recently viewed", and drag it up to "Favorites".

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