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How to hide a Moodle course

If you have multiple sections of the same course with a combined section, or multiple Moodle courses for a cross-listed course, you may wish to hide the courses you will not be using to avoid any confusion for your students. 

The names of courses that are visible to students are colored green throughout Moodle while the names of courses that are hidden from students are colored gray. 

To hide a Moodle course from students:

  1. Visit the course you wish to hide
  2. Click the Screenshot_2018-08-14_at_6.25.04_PM__1_.png icon. From this menu choose Edit Settings.
  3. Under General locate the Visible setting
  4. Choose Hide from the drop-down menu
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save and display button
  6. When you are finished, the course name will be colored gray, indicating that it is hidden from students.

To make a Moodle course visible for students, follow the same steps as above, except choose "Show."

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