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Combining Multiple Sections of a course in Moodle

If you are teaching multiple sections of a course in Moodle and would like to avoid posting resources and materials for students into Multiple identical Moodle courses, you have the ability to add the students from all sections of a course you are teaching into one combined Moodle course shell by following the instructions below.


In this example we have four sections of the same course, CHEM222. 



First, click on the course you would like to use as your combined course. For the purposes of this example, we will use the B section (SP18CHEM22B) but any of these four would work fine.



Next, scroll down the page to the Course Administration block, select Users, then Enrollment methods.



On the next page, click the drop-down menu located underneath Add method, and select Course meta link.



Use the search box underneath Link course to select the courses you would like to link. You can click the arrow and select courses, or start typing the name of the course.



When you are finished you should see something like the screen below, with the names of the other sections of the course you would like to link. From this page, click the blue Add method button.



Your now have a combined course section! From this page you can see that there are 14 students in the original course, then a group of 7, 10 and 14 students from the linked courses.



After the courses are available for students to visit (they will show up blue in Moodle instead of grey under the Navigation block) you may wish to hide the courses you will not be using to avoid confusion. Read our article on Hiding Moodle Courses for more information.

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