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How To Access Network Drives Off Campus via Netstorage

Network drives, including the J drive, can be accessed from off campus via Netstorage.

Accessing Netstorage

  • To access network drives off campus navigate to
  • When prompted, enter your six-letter Login ID, and password. 
  • Once authenticated you will be able to navigate to the specific folder and file needed. 

Downloading Files

  • Navigate to the specific folder and file needed.
  • Right click on the file and click "Download". 
  • After the file has been downloaded you may work on the file. 

NOTE: Changes made on a downloaded file will not affect the file stored on the network drive. The file will need to be uploaded back to the network drive to reflect any changes made. 

Uploading Files

  • Navigate to the specific folder.
  • Click the upload button on the top right of the browser window. 
  • In the upload window click "Browse". 
  • Locate the file that needs to be uploaded and click "Open". The file will now upload to the network drive. 


1) We strongly recommend that you use Google Drive for document storage instead of the J Drive.

2) This resource is not intended to be used on a mobile device.

3) Click the "Help" icon in the upper right corner of the Netstorage window for additional assistance.

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