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How to embed a file from Google Drive in your Moodle course

If you want to share a file in your Google Drive with students, the fastest way to do so is to use Course Kit 

  1. Visit your Moodle course and turn editing on.
  2. Click 1.png
  3. From the Add an Activity or Resource window choose Course Kit File Embed then click Add2.png
  4. Enter what you would like to name the file. NOTE: this does not have to be named the same as file you will be selecting from your Google Drive, you can put any name here. Next, click Save and Display.3.png
  5. Click Sign in. In a pop-up window you will be asked to choose a Google Account, so make sure to pick your SNC Google Account.4.png
  6. Select the file you would like to embed and click Add.6.png
  7. Finally, a dialog will appear that warns you that this will share the file with the students in your Moodle course. To confirm that you want to share the file with your students, click Attach. NOTE: This tool only shares the files with your students as "View Only" so studnets will not be able to edit this file, just view and download it.


Some additional notes:

Course Kit is not the only way you can share a file in Google Drive with your students. You can always use Google Drive's built-in sharing options then paste the link in to your Moodle course using the URL resource, but Course Kit makes this process faster. In addition to this, Course Kit will automatically make sure that only students in your course can access the file automatically.

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