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Computer Science - Manually Installing Virtualbox

If you are having problems using the automated install script or if you do not have enough space for the VM to be installed to your computer's local storage, you may want to manually install Virtualbox. 

  1. Download the latest version of Virtualbox and the Virtualbox Extension Pack from
  2. Install Virtualbox, then the Extension Pack by double clicking on the install file and following the prompts
    • On macOS you may be prompted during the install process with a window that says "System Extension Blocked" Click "Open Security Preferences," then on the window that appears, click "Allow."
  3. Open Virtualbox
  4. If you do not need to change the location where the VM will be stored you can skip this step. Otherwise, the VM will get installed to your user folder (C:\yourname or Macintosh HD/Users/yourname)
    • From the menu, select Preferences...
      • On macOS you will find this under the Virtualbox menu
      • On Windows you will find this under the File menu
    • Change the default Machine Folder Preference to where you would like the VM to be stored
      • NOTE: this can be an external drive or other types of storage as long as they have enough space
  5. Open Virtualbox and click on the File menu, then Import Appliance.
  6. Click the folder icon and select the CompSci.ova file. If you need to download this file, click this link to download the file using your SNC account.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Click Import
  9. Once Virtualbox has finished importing the file, you are all set!
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