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How To Use vLab

vLab is a virtual Windows desktop environment. It allows the college to provide access to a computer for use by any student in certain locations on campus. Using a vLab computer can be convenient if a student's laptop is not available or if a student does not have certain software installed on their computer.

Access to a vLab computer is gained by logging in with your six-letter login ID.

All work done using a vLab computer should be stored in Google Drive, as the environment is non-persistent. This means that each time you log off, all changes made on the computer are removed. Nothing is saved.


This is a list of the locations where you can find vLab computers:

  • Cofrin 103 (31)
  • Cofrin 104 (22)
  • Cofrin Lower Level (4)
  • Mulva Library 1st Floor (14)
  • Mulva Library Lobby (2)
  • Mulva Library 304 (24)
  • Todd Wehr Hall Lobby (5)


  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 16
  • Chrome
  • SPSS 26
  • Mathematica 11

New Software/Updates

In order to maintain a stable and secure environment, we don't make any changes to the vLab environment during any semester. We will apply software and OS updates only during the winter and summer breaks. We may also apply certain updates at any time of the year in order to address an urgent security threat.

Any professor who would like to suggest new software for the vLab environment should start conversations with ITS based on the following timeline:

  • by June 15 for use in the fall semester
  • by November 15 for use in the spring semester


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