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How To Access Banner 9

Banner 9 is available via your web browser by using the appropriate link on the CWIS web page. You must be on the campus network to use it. If you're not sure that your device is on the campus network, this article will help:

To insure the best experience when using Banner 9, we recommend these four tips:

1) Use Chrome

Banner 9 is compatible with many modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, etc), but testing by Ellucian and other colleges has shown that Banner 9 runs best in Chrome.

2) Use Private Browsing

To prevent issues with browser caching, where memory is shared between windows, you should run Banner 9 privately using an incognito window. To launch a new incognito window in Chrome, click the small three-dot menu in the upper right and select "New incognito window". After that window launches, visit the Banner 9 URL:

Here are a couple of tips to make it easy to open an incognito window:

  • Keyboard shortcut

    A faster way to launch this is to press Ctrl+Shift+N. The best way to remember this keyboard shortcut is that the "N" stands for New window.

    Ctrl+N = open a new window
    Ctrl+Shift+N = open a new incognito window

  • Save icon to your desktop

    If you're on Windows, you can create a Chrome incognito mode desktop shortcut.

3) Run Multiple Sessions in Separate Windows

If you usually run multiple Banner 9 sessions, do it in separate windows instead of separate tabs. This helps to prevent strange behavior when one window times out. Using the desktop icon explained above will make this very easy.

4) Close Your Browser

When you're finished using Banner, close the window. You may also want to just close it at the end of each work day so that each day you're starting fresh.


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