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How to Create Chrome Incognito Mode Desktop Shortcut for Banner 9

We recommend accessing Banner 9 using Chrome in incognito mode. This article explains how you can create a Windows desktop icon, so that when you click it, it automatically launches Banner 9 in incognito mode. There is not currently a simple way to do this on a Mac.


While in Banner 9 in Chrome (not in incognito window):

  1. click the small three-dot menu in the upper right
  2. select "More tools" > "Create shortcut"
  3. in the name field, enter "Banner 9" and click "Create", like this:


This puts a new icon on your desktop. When you click it, it will launch Banner 9, but not yet in incognito mode.

To make that icon always launch Banner 9 in an incognito window, right-click on the icon and select "Properties". In the target field, keep what's already there, but add to the end of it the following options:

--incognito --new-window

So the target field will look something like this:


Click "OK" to save it.


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