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How To Register Your Google Home or Chromecast on the Campus Network

Google Home and Google Home Mini

Smart devices like the Google Home and Google Home Mini, use unique methods to communicate over wifi. These devices will work fine on our network, but they require us to set them up using a special device at the ITS Service Desk.

While we have over a dozen people working at the Service Desk, only a few of us have access to be able to register Google devices. So, please check our Service Desk hours and call us (920-403-4040) to see make sure we're available; then bring your Google device to the Service Desk in Cofrin Hall to have it registered. Plan about 15-20 minutes.

Google Chromecast

Our network security requires that a Chromecast be plugged it into a network jack in order to work; it will not function wirelessly. Some residence halls do not have network jacks, so be sure your building does first before trying to register it. To connect a Chromecast via a wired jack, you'll need to purchase the Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast, available from Google. After you have that, use the above-mentioned information to setup a time to bring it to the Service Desk.

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