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How to set up Respondus LockDown Browser for Moodle quizzes

These instructions are intended for use by instructors for setting up LockDown Browser in a Moodle course. If you are a student looking for instructions on how to use or install LockDown Browser, check out our article on How to use Respondus LockDown Browser to take a quiz.

Enabling Respondus LockDown Browser in your course

You must first add the Respondus LockDown Browser block to your course and tell Respondus, which quizzes should require the LockDown browser.

To get started, Turn Editing on in your Course

On the left side of the page, in the navigation drawer, click Add a block

Choose Respondus LockDown Browser from the list


DFBD0FB1-9641-4281-8CCF-3802C3C457F1.jpegIn the Respondus LockDown Browser block click Dashboard



From the Respondus Dashboard you can check which quizzes already have Respondus LockDown Browser


You can enable or disable LockDown Browser on whichever quizzes you like by clicking on the Downward pointing arrow next to the name of your Quiz and clicking on Settings. Next click the button next to Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam and save this setting by clicking on Save + Close

Providing Students with a Download link

If you are using LockDown Browser with a quiz in your course, you should provide students with a download link so that they can install LockDown Browser before your course starts. Here is the link:

We recommend adding the link to your Moodle course, by using the URL tool. You could also email the link to students.

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