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TV Channels - Over The Air

When you connect an antenna to your TV, these are the over-the-air (OTA) channels you can expect to receive here in the De Pere area:

Ch. Station
2.1 WBAY (ABC)
2.3 ION
2.4 Heroic
2.5 StartTV
5.1 WFRV (CBS)
5.2 Bounce
11.1 WLUK (Fox)
11.2 AntennaTV
11.3 TBD
14.1 CW
14.2 Comet
14.3 Charge
14.4 Stadium
26.1 WGBA (NBC)
26.2 MeTV
26.3 Laff
26.4 CourtTV
32.1 MyNEW32
32.2 Grit
32.3 Escape
38.1 WPT (PBS)
38.2 WIS
38.3 Create
38.4 PBS Kids

This listing is provided for informational purposes only. We cannot guarantee the availability of any of these channels, and the list may change at any time.

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