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Common Zoom Settings

Use this article to configure common settings for your Zoom account.  You'll need to configure some settings prior to when you join your Zoom meeting.  If you'd like to see these changes, and already have a Zoom meeting open, you can make your changes, then disconnect and reconnect to the meeting.

Some settings, like the ability to record and share your screen, are enabled by default.


  1. Login to Zoom's website

    Click "SIGN IN".

    Click "Sign in with Google"
  2. In the "PERSONAL" column, click on "Settings"
  3. From this point, you can enable and disable different features of your Zoom meetings.  

    The following may be of interest to you, depending how you'd like to use Zoom.

Breakout rooms

  1. To enable the Breakout functionality, scroll down to the "In Meeting (Advanced)" section of the settings page.  Note: There are many settings that can be toggled, in this list.  You'll need to scroll more than half way, before you find "In Meeting (Advanced)"
  2. Next to "Breakout room" toggle the switch to the On location.Screen_Shot_2020-03-18_at_4.59.46_PM.png

Closed Captioning

  1. To enable Closed Captioning functionality, scroll down to the "In Meeting (Advanced)" section of the settings page.  This is the same section in the "Breakout rooms" part, above.
  2. Next to "Closed Captioning" and "Save Captions" toggle the switch to the On location.Screen_Shot_2020-03-18_at_5.05.45_PM.png


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