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Migrating Content Between Courses

Use this article if you have a lot, or a little bit, of course content to move between courses.

In the course you'd like to move the content to, click on the settings gear, then "Import"Screen_Shot_2020-04-19_at_7.32.03_PM.png

Near the bottom of the window (you may need to scroll down), click on the search box, and search for the class where your content is.


Select the course with the content that you'd like to migrate.  Click "Continue" after you've selected that course.


Generally, you should keep all of the checkboxes checked in the next step.  Click "Next"


The next step is the most important.  In the course outline, all activities and elements of the course are selected to be transferred by default.  De-select any and all items you don't want to migrate.



Once you've selected the items you'd like to migrate, click "Next"


The next screen will allow you to preview the changes you're about to make.  If everything looks good, click "Import".  If you need to change anything, click "Previous".

A progress bar will appear to show you the status of the content you're importing.  Once it's completed, click "Continue".  Now, you're done, and that content will be in your course.



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