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Using the Announcements Forum

By default, all courses in St. Norbert Moodle have an "Announcements" forum.

There are a few useful things about this forum.
1. All students are automatically "Subscribed" to this forum, so they'll receive emails whenever you add an update to it.
2. The content of a forum post can be many things.  You can use it to post a video, link external content, provide a set of expectations, and much more.
3. It has all of the attributes of a forum, so students can publicly reply to your updates.

To create a forum post, click on "Announcements" in the course.


Click "Add a new topic"


Then, you get to create an announcement.  You can customize font size and style, link external content, or place images, videos, and other attachments in-line in your announcement.

Once you're done adding your content, click "Post to forum", near the bottom of the window.


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