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Creating a Hyperlink - Linking an External Website

In many Moodle activities' description field there is an option to place a link to an external website.  This can be useful if you'd like to share a resource with your students, but would like more attractive formatting.  Google is more readable than 

In your new activity's description field, or elsewhere in Moodle, you'll see a link icon.  Look for the chain link icon.

To make a link, highlight your text, then click the chain link icon.


After you click the chain link, you'll enter the link of the site you'd like.  
I think the easiest way to get the link of a site is by navigating to the site.  Once you've navigated to the site, click on the address in the address bar to highlight the whole URL, then right click -> Copy (you can also use keyboard shortcuts.  CMD-C on Mac, or CTRL-C on Windows).


Back in Moodle, paste the link you've copied.  If you'd like the link to open in a new window, select that checkbox.  
Once you're ready to go, click "Create link".

You'll notice that the text you made into a link is now green.
You can continue the rest of your activity setup.  There is no limit to the number of links you can place.



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