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Grading Assignments

In your Moodle course, click on the assignment title.

Once students have submitted their assignments, or after the due date, click "Grade".


You will see your student's submission to grade.  There are a number of tools you can use here to provide feedback to your students.


Gray box with lines through it: creates a text box where you can enter a comment(Magenta) 
Yellow box: Change color of text box (Red) 
Hand icon: allows you to scroll through the paper by clicking and dragging your mouse (Orange)
Arrow icon: allows you to move text boxes, drawing, or other markings (Light green)
Looped line: allows you to draw free-hand on the submission (Light blue)
Straight line: insert lines to underline or cross out text (Purple)
Box icon: Create a box on the document (Dark blue)
Circle icon: Create a circle on the document (Gray)
Highlighter icon: Highlight a part of the page to bring attention.  Use in conjunction with the box and circle icon tools. (Dark green)
Colored tear-drop: Change the color of the shapes you draw, and your highlight color. (Black)
Stamp and “X” icon: insert stamps into the submission using these two icons. Navigate to the area of the submission in which you would like to place the stamp them click your mouse to insert it. (Yellow and dark orange)

While marking up the assignment, make sure to enter a grade, too.  Screen_Shot_2020-06-10_at_11.42.52_PM.png

Before you proceed to the next student's assignment, you may want to uncheck "Notify students".  If left checked, the student will be notified once you click "Save and show next".


To proceed to the next student, click "Save and show next".  



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