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How To Use Google Meet, Grid View

Google Meet allows you to view participants in a grid or tile view. While in a Meet, just click the three-dot menu in the lower right corner, and select "Change layout".

If you'd like additional grid functionality, you may want to try out this Chrome extension:

Extension Features

This extension includes these features:

  • ability to see dozens of participants in the grid
  • ability to see yourself in the grid
  • ability to flip your own view, so you can see yourself as others do
  • additional features are documented on the developer's web page

Extension Considerations

When you add this extension to Chrome, you'll then have the option (upper right corner of your screen) to turn it on or off during each Meet. Please keep in mind these caveats:

  • This extension only works in Chrome. If you visit the developer's web page, he has links for this extension in other browsers.
  • Since this extension is not an official Google product, it may occasionally conflict with certain features of Meet (i.e. a participant sharing their screen). If you experience any such conflicts, just turn it off.

Other Similar Extensions

There are several similarly named extensions by other authors that provide this grid functionality. You are welcome to use whichever extension works best for you. That said, our recommendation is that you use the one mentioned above (you can uninstall an extension at any time).

Extension Problems

It should be noted that browser extensions like these tend to have problems from time to time. This is mostly due to the fact that the developer has written it to work with a specific version of Meet. When Google makes a change to Meet, it can easily cause a problem in the extension requiring the developer to make a corresponding change, etc. And it's not unusual for you to be stuck experiencing a problem in between those updates.

The best recommendation we can offer is that if you are indeed experiencing an issue, just turn off the extension. You may even have to close your browser tab or window and disable the extension in the settings. Often the developer is aware of the issue and will have a fix soon. You may also want to visit the developer's web page and report the problem you're having.


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