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How To Manage Your Email List

All SNC email lists are hosted in Google Groups. The membership of many of our lists is automatically maintained (i.e. student list). However, many departments and student organizations have manually maintained email lists, allowing the owners of a group to manage not only the list membership but most of the configuration settings of the group. This article points out several features that we feel are helpful for most of our email lists.


A Google Group is simply an email list; we may use these terms ("list" and "group") interchangeably. Google allows list owners to maintain most of the settings and configuration for the lists. These are some features that you may find helpful.


Visit and navigate to your group's home page. (For assistance, see "How To Access An Email List Home Page")

Once logged in, there are a number of links on the left that allow you to view list content (email messages, members, etc) as well as to manage some of the group settings.


Google has a number of great articles available that explain how to manage your group:


See The List Members

On the group home page, click the "Members" link over on the left. While viewing the list of members, use the search box at the top to find a specific member.

Add/Remove List Members

Automatically Maintained: If the list membership is automatically maintained, do not make any changes yourself. Such changes would be overwritten by our automatic process the same day. If you're not sure about this, please ask us and we can explain more about how the membership is managed for any particular list.

Manually Maintained: If your email list membership is manually maintained, be sure that everyone who needs to use the list (send or receive) is a member of the list.

There are two methods available to add members. You can invite them, which causes them to receive an email where they can click a link to accept the invitation, or you can directly add members to the group. This article from Google explains both:


When you direct add members, we strongly encourage you to use the feature to send an email to each new member advising them that they're being added to your list. Google allows you to bypass this feature when adding SNC email addresses.

To remove members, click "Members" on the left, then use the checkboxes next to the names along with the icons along the top to perform your action.

Change Member Roles

In every email list, some members are designated as owners. Owners have access to do things like maintain the list membership, send email to the list, etc. If the leadership of your group has changed, and you need to make a member an owner or you need to remove the owner role from a member, follow these steps:

  1. Start from the email list home page.
  2. Click "Members" on the left.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the member(s) whose role you want to change. If your list has many members, you may need to use the search function at the top to find them.
  4. Use the icons across the top to perform the needed action. If you simply mouse over each icon, the small popup text will tell you the function of that icon.

NOTE: All student organization email lists should have their adviser as an owner. So if the past student leaders are no longer at the college, the adviser can make these changes.

Additional Features

These are some quick features we think you may find helpful. For more details, see the Google Group help articles in the links above.

Change subject line prefix text

  • Group settings > Email options > Subject prefix

Allow external (non SNC) members in the group

  • Group settings > General > Allow external members

Change who can post to the group

  • Group settings > Posting policies



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