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How To Manage Your Email List

Beginning in January 2018, all of our email lists are hosted in Google Groups. The membership of many of our lists is automatically maintained (i.e. student list). However, many departments and student organizations have manually maintained email lists, allowing the owners of a group to manage not only the list membership but most of the configuration settings of the group. This article points out several features that we feel are helpful for most of our email lists.


What we've always called "email lists" are called "groups" by Google. We may use these terms interchangeably. The key point to understand is that at the basic level, these are all just email lists. You can send and receive email messages on the lists just like we always have. But with Google Groups, we have additional features which you may find helpful.


  1. Visit the email list home page.
  2. Click the "Manage" link over on the right.


If you don't see the "Manage" link, then you are not an owner of the group.


Google has a number of great articles available that explain how to manage your group:


See The List Members

On the group home page, click the "Members" link over on the right near the top.

Add/Remove List Members

There are two methods available to add members. You can invite them, which causes them to receive an email where they can click a link to accept the invitation, or you can directly add members to the group. This article from Google explains both:


When you direct add members, we strongly encourage you to use the feature to send an email to each new member advising them that they're being added to your list. Google allows you to bypass this feature when adding SNC email addresses.

To remove members, click "All members" on the left, then use the checkboxes next to the names along with the "Actions" button at the top.

Additional Features

These are some quick features we think you may find helpful. For more details, see the Google Group help articles in the links above.

Change where list replies go:

  • Settings > Email options > Post replies

Change subject line prefix text

  • Settings > Email options > Subject prefix

Allow external (non SNC) members in the group

  • Permissions > Basic Permissions > Allow members external to this organization

Change who can post to the group

  • Permissions > Basic permissions > Post



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