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How To Install Windows 10 Update

ITS controls the release of all updates to college-owned computers. When Microsoft makes an update available, we test that update on many Windows computers before making it available to the campus.

Update Instructions

When we've released an update, you'll see a new icon in your system tray (lower right corner, near the clock). If you don't see the icon, it may be hidden. To view hidden icons, click the little up arrow to the left of the system tray. When you hover over the icon, it will say "New software is available".

Follow these steps (your computer must be on campus to do this):

  1. Double click that icon to open the Software Center.
  2. Make sure "Operating Systems" is selected on the left.
  3. Click the appropriate update in the list.
  4. Follow the remaining prompts to run the install.

That's it. The management tools we use allow us to define a time period in which you can choose when to run the update. After that period passes, you'll be forced to run the update. Therefore, we recommend running it as soon as possible.

Workstation Computers

If you work in an office that has additional computers (i.e. student workstations), be sure to keep those computers updated as well.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to install will vary depending on your computer specs, the software you've installed, the printers it connects to, etc. We've seen updates take a half hour while others take two hours or longer. Microsoft does not provide time estimates on their updates.

What if I'm traveling or not on campus?

If you're not on campus, that's fine. You'll need to be on campus to run the update. Just plan to run it immediately when you arrive back on campus.

How can I find out the current Windows version?

To identify what version of Windows 10 is running, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Click Settings (gear icon) > System > About

The version will look something like "1803". This version number is always the year and month in "yymm" format (i.e. 1809 = September 2018).


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