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How To Handle Zoom Error: "failed to create conference"

Situation: You're creating an event in Google Calendar and you click the button to add a Zoom meeting and get this error: "Failed to create conference"


Or, you use the Zoom button on the right side of your Google calendar, and you get the error: "You have exceeded the daily rate limit"


This is due to a rate limit in place for the communication between Zoom and Google Calendar. Zoom's rate limit allows you to make 100 connections per day. Each time you create, edit, or delete a Zoom event in Google Calendar, it's counted.

If you receive this message, you can still create more Zoom meetings, you just have to use the Zoom website. More info is available in this article:

Once you have meetings created in Zoom, you may want to copy the link for a meeting and paste it into the "Location" field of the corresponding event on your calendar.

Much gratitude to Joe Totman in Housing for helping us discover this limit.

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