ITS Service Desk

How To Refill Printer Paper and Toner

The ITS Service Desk manages paper and toner for the following printers:

  1. BEMIS222
  2. CAMPUSCENTER111color
  3. COFRIN103
  4. GMS069
  5. GMS2028
  6. STW005

Once each week, Service Desk staff will visit each of the above printers and:

  • top off the paper supply if it's low
  • replace the toner cartridge if the light is blinking

It's possible that these printers may still occasionally run out of paper or toner in between checks, especially during heavy usage. If you are using one of the above printers and you notice that the paper or toner are empty, please contact the ITS Service Desk, and we will make our best effort to replace the supply the same day.

Residence Halls

The following printers are located in residence halls:

  2. BURKElounge
  3. MADLORlounge
  4. MICHELSHALLlounge
  5. MMMrecroom
  7. VMClounge7

Paper - The Area Coordinator in each of these residence halls has a case of printer paper in their office. If you should need paper, contact the appropriate Area Coordinator. When the paper starts running low in the Area Coordinator's office, the Area Coordinator will contact the ITS Service Desk. Students should not contact the ITS Service Desk directly for paper in these printers.

Toner - If any of these residence hall printers should need toner, a student or area coordinator should bring the empty toner cartridge to the Digital Print Center (Michels Commons, lower level) to exchange for a new cartridge. They are open weekdays.

We also have a small supply of toner cartridges at the ITS Service Desk in Cofrin Hall, so feel free to exchange yours there if it's more convenient (and then we'll swap it for a new one for you at the Digital Print Center); just be sure to check with us first to make sure we have one that matches your printer model. Also, please be sure to check our hours of operation, as our office in Cofrin Hall is only open weekdays.

Alternate Printers

Note that if your preferred printer is out of paper or otherwise unusable, there are many other printers available on campus. The Digital Print Center maintains a map of campus printers.

Office Printers

All other printers on campus are managed by staff members in various offices. These staff members should get their supplies (paper, toner, etc) directly from the Digital Print Center.


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