ITS Service Desk

Printer Paper and Toner

The ITS Service Desk manages paper and toner for the following printers:

  1. bemis221
  2. bergstrom118
  3. burkelounge
  4. campuscenter111color
  5. cofrin103
  6. gehlmulva069b
  7. gms2028
  8. madlorlounge
  9. michelshalllounge
  10. mmmrecroom
  11. senp
  12. stw005
  13. vmclounge7

Once each week, Service Desk staff will visit each printer and:

  • top off the paper supply if it's low
  • replace the toner cartridge if the light is blinking

It's possible that these printers may still occasionally run out of paper or toner in between checks, especially during heavy usage. If you are using one of the above printers and you notice that the paper or toner are empty, please contact the ITS Service Desk, and we will make our best effort to replace the supply the same day.

Area Coordinators may also pick up supplies in person for their Residence Hall by visiting the ITS Service Desk in Cofrin Hall.

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