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How To Manage Your Passwords

Properly managing your passwords is critical to the security of your accounts. In order to keep good track of your passwords in a reliable and secure way, we recommend using a password management tool, like one of these:

By using a tool like this, you only have to remember one master password, which then gives you access to all of your passwords.

These tools may automatically fill-in fields on a web form, giving you easy access to your passwords on any device from anywhere in the world. And since you will now be able to store your passwords, you no longer need to remember them. This means that your password can now be something long and complicated like this:


instead of this:


Or, if you need to create a password that you can remember, consider using an easy-to-remember phrase, like this:



The above-mentioned tools are also ideal if you have passwords to share among members of your department. Individuals can maintain their own account, while identifying specific passwords that the group needs access to.


Never store your passwords in simple text files, Word documents, Excel documents, etc. These solutions are not secure and are easily compromised.

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