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How To Register Your Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet on the Campus Network

To register any device with a web browser:

  1. Connect to the "snc" wifi network (you'll need to be on campus for this).
  2. Open your web browser and visit
  3. Login and follow the prompts.

Our "snc" Wi-Fi network does not require a traditional password like you see at coffee shops, etc. Instead, the first time you connect to the "snc" Wi-Fi, you will only be able to visit SNC websites. Once you register your device, you will then have access to the world because it now knows about your device and that it was registered by you.


  1. Before registering your device, be sure to turn off "private WiFi address", "random hardware address", or similar setting. Details are available in this knowledge base article.
  2. If you had previously used our "sncguest" Wi-Fi network, be sure to disconnect and tell your device to forget that network. Once you register your device, you should never use this guest network again.
  3. See our "Network Device Registration" section for additional articles related to registering your device.
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