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How to use Adobe Reader's "Read Out Loud" Feature

If you have a document or textbook in PDF format that you need to be read out loud to you, you can use Adobe Reader's "Read Out Loud" Feature

You will need to have the Adobe Reader application on a Windows or Mac computer installed. If you do not have this program installed on your computer you can get it from Adobe's website. If you need assistance installing software on your computer, you can visit the ITS Service Desk in Cofrin Hall Room 119.

To use the "Read Out Loud" feature:

  • Open a PDF file in Adobe Reader.
  • Click on the View menu, then select Read Out Loud
  • From the sub-menu, select Activate Read Out Loud1.png
  • Lastly, go back to the View menu and under Read Out Loud select either Read this Page Only or Read to the End of the Document depending on how much of the document you would like read out loud.2.png
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