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How To Request and Use A Dept/Org Email Address

In addition to the email address issued to individuals associated with the college, most departments also have an email address (i.e. Many student organizations also have a similar email address (i.e.

These department/organization email accounts work a little differently than traditional email accounts. Specifically, they do not have passwords, so no one actually logs into these accounts. Instead, individual users are delegated access to the Inbox of that account. This means that a delegate can send or receive emails using that department/organization email address.

Note that all requests related to student organization email accounts must come from the adviser.

Accounts you have delegated access to

To see a list of accounts that you have been delegated to, visit this web page:

The above web page also shows you a list of other people who are also delegated to those same email accounts. And it shows you if anyone has delegated access to your email account.

Request access to an existing department/organization email account

In order to request access to an existing department/organization account, please send an email to with your request. Be sure to give us the full email address of the account you need access to. 

Request a new email address

If you'd like to request that a new department/organization email address be created for you, submit the following form:

Access a delegated account inbox

In order to access the inbox of an account that you've been delegated to:

  1. go to your Gmail inbox
  2. click on the "SNC" logo in the upper right corner
  3. in the dropdown list, click the account you want to view

If you don't see the other account in the list, try refreshing the browser window. If you still don't see it, then your account has not been delegated access to the other email account.

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