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Can I Get A New Computer?

When a college employee asks us for a new computer, it's usually because of some problem with their existing computer. We have a very structured Computer Refresh Program under which we manage all college-owned computers. While you can read the details of the program yourself, we'll provide the highlights here.

Current, full-time faculty and staff who have a job that requires regular and consistent computer access are eligible for one computer per position under the refresh program.

Initial computer purchases for newly created faculty or staff positions are not part of this program and should be purchased from start-up, departmental, divisional, or other funds designated by the hiring division; however, those computers are eligible to be refreshed in the future under the program. Faculty or staff newly hired into an existing position will receive the computer used by the previous employee in the position.

We refresh computers about every 4 years. Users do not have to contact us, we'll contact you when we're ready to give you a new one.

If you experience trouble with any college-owned computer, contact the ITS Service Desk. Please know that the fact that your computer is slow or not performing well does not mean that we'll replace it. Sometimes we do, but often times we just need to reset the operating system or replace certain hardware components (i.e. memory, hard drive) and it'll work great for a few more years.

Information about your specific computer is available here:

When you click on the "Your Computer" tab, you'll see a list of computers assigned to you, along with information about each computer, including the age.


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