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How To Prevent Someone From Tracking My Incoming Emails

Many emails in our Inbox contain tracking images that allow the sender to know several things:

  • when you opened the message
  • what links in the message you clicked on
  • when you clicked those links

If you prefer that the sender not be able to track your activity like this, here are a couple of ideas.

Gmail Settings

You can change your Gmail settings to turn off the automatic display of all images embedded in your emails. This is a drastic move, as it affects all images in all emails, but it will work.


Chrome Extension

Install a Chrome extension called Trocker (tracker blocker). When you open an email message, Trocker will display a small icon in the message anywhere it finds a tracking image; this is how you know that the sender attempted to track you. Trocker also prevents those tracking images from loading, which is what prevents the sender from knowing that you opened their email.

Additionally, if a link in the email contains a tracking code and you click that link, Trocker will block it and warn you that you're about to be tracked. You can then continue to the web site if you choose.


Note that installing this extension in Chrome will not have any affect when view your emails in another browser (without the extension) or on another device like your smartphone.

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