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Why am I not on this email list?

If you expect to be on an email list but you're not, the best approach depends on the list and how it's maintained.

Automatically Maintained Lists

We have dozens of email lists that are automatically maintained, like our staff list, faculty list, student list, course lists, major/minor lists, etc. It's important to know that we in ITS do not maintain any of the data that feeds these lists. All of the data comes from a source maintained by a department on campus. Therefore, if you expect to be on one of these lists, you should contact the people who maintain the data.

For example, if you're a student and you're not on a course email list but you feel you should be, it could be because you're not actually enrolled in that course. If this is the case, you can check with the Registrar's Office to verify your enrollment. If you expect to be on a certain list based on your employment with the college, you can verify that with the Human Resources office.

Manually Maintained Lists

In addition to the lists mentioned above, we also have many manually maintained email lists. A great example of these is our student organization lists. The leaders of each student org maintain their own lists. So if you want to be added to a manually maintained list, just contact the people who maintain the list.


Questions about the SNC News email list can be directed to Susan Allen in the Office of Communications. Information about the classifieds list is available in the article, "How To Use The Classifieds Email List."

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