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Select Technology-Related Policies

Our daily work consistently requires us to follow established policies of the college. What follows are excerpts of specific policies that we encounter often, shared here for easy reference in day-to-day operations. Note that all policies remain in force whether or not they are mentioned here.

1. Acquiring computer for new employee (including newly created position)

"Initial computer purchases for newly created faculty or staff positions are not part of this program and should be purchased from start-up, departmental, divisional, or other funds designated by the hiring division; however, those computers are eligible to be refreshed in the future under the program. Faculty or staff newly hired into an existing position will receive the computer used by the previous employee in the position."

Source: Computer Refresh Program, p. 2

2. Computer refresh frequency

"The refresh cycle is every four years for all eligible positions and/or locations. ITS will attempt to refresh approximately the same number of computers each year."

"Replacement is automatic, based on the age of the computer and available funding. While ITS is committed to maintaining the program’s refresh cycle, having a computer older than four years is not a guarantee of replacement, if there are more computers eligible for replacement than available funds. For eligible faculty and staff, the oldest computers will be refreshed each year, up to the funding limits."

Source: Computer Refresh Program, p. 2

3. Purchase of above-baseline needs

"Some positions may require more processing power or memory than the baseline computer can provide, and/or additional software beyond what is provided as standard. In these cases, ITS will work with the eligible individual to specify and purchase an appropriate computer or software. The department will be responsible for the difference in cost between the most similar baseline computer and the above-baseline equipment, as well as the full cost of any specialized software."

Source: Computer Refresh Program, p. 4

4. Handling of old computer after refresh

"Faculty and staff members must turn over their existing computer in order to receive a new one."

Source: Computer Refresh Program, p. 3

"The refresh process is a swap; ITS staff will remove the old computer upon delivery of the new one. The old computer will be kept intact for two weeks after the new computer is received, then erased and prepared for redeployment or disposal. The faculty or staff member should notify ITS within those two weeks if anything important was left on the old computer."

"Once computers have served out their usefulness, they will be securely recycled according to ITS procedure. To maintain the integrity of the refresh program and a constant supply of new and used computers, employees may not purchase their old computers."

Source: Computer Refresh Program, p. 5

5. Purchase of Additional Computers

All computers owned by the college, no matter who pays for them, must be purchased through ITS. Employees are not permitted to purchase computers on their own.

"Any computers needed beyond the one provided through the (refresh) program must still be purchased through ITS and must be paid for by the department (typically by providing ITS with the org number to be charged). Consumer-grade equipment (e.g. what is available at Target, Best Buy, or online retailers) is not permitted."

Source: Computer Refresh Program, p. 4

6. Updating device operating system on college-owned devices

"The staff or faculty must maintain the original device operating system and keep the device current with security patches and updates, as released by the device manufacturer."

Source: Staff and Faculty Device Use Terms and Conditions, p. 2

"Computing systems will be rebooted as required to ensure virus definitions (as well as operating system updates) are updated and that the antivirus software can run to check for viruses."

Source: Antivirus and Malware Protection, p. 3

7. Installing security updates on college-owned devices

"Antivirus/malware prevention updates will be installed and scheduled to run at regular intervals or upon electronic notification of a new security update, patch, vulnerability, or threat. Wherever possible, our computing resources should be set to auto-apply/update security patches on a regular basis."

"Antivirus and malware prevention scanning should be programmed to run/initiate upon startup and/or reboot of PCs/servers/other computing devices."

"For PCs/servers/computing devices that are not normally rebooted, antivirus and malware scanning should be “always on” when technically feasible. If not possible, the Information Technology Services should ensure that antivirus and malware remediation is accomplished for the protection of our electronic assets."

Source: Antivirus and Malware Protection, p. 2

"Computing systems will be rebooted as required to ensure virus definitions (as well as operating system updates) are updated and that the antivirus software can run to check for viruses."

Source: Antivirus and Malware Protection, p. 3

8. Return of equipment after leaving the college

"When staff and faculty terminate their employment with St. Norbert College, they must, prior to their final working day with St. Norbert College, submit their device to St. Norbert College."

Source: Staff and Faculty Device Use Terms and Conditions, p. 7

9. Use of college equipment for personal purposes

The "Rules of Employee Conduct" section of Employee Handbook provides a list of infractions that could lead to discipline. The following bullet is included in that list:

"• Unauthorized use of College equipment for non-business related purposes."

Source: SNC Employee Handbook, p. 13

10. Support for personally owned devices

"St. Norbert College’s Information Technology Department can not provide any physical technical support for staff and faculty personal applications or personal data on their personal device, but can provide advice on solutions."

Source: Staff and Faculty Device Use Terms and Conditions, p. 7

11. Spouses/Dependent Children accounts

When an employee is hired, their spouse and dependent children are:

"Eligible for an authorized ID allowing them to free or reduced admittance to most athletic events and use of the Miriam B. and James J. Mulva Library."

Source: Non Cash Compensation documents from HR web site

To clarify, spouses and dependent children are not eligible for a college login account, college email address, or use of a college-owned computer.

12. Student use of WiFi routers and other similar devices on the network

"I will not install or use any networking hardware, software, or protocols, including
wireless networking equipment, without the express permission of Information
Technology Services."

Source: Computing And Networking Appropriate Use Policy, p. 3


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