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TV for Students


We have two types of TV service available for students depending on where you live. Both services are provided by Spectrum, and both are provided at no cost to students.

Residence Halls and select College Houses

Streaming TV service is available in all residence halls, including college houses that are on the SNC WiFi network. Our "Internet Access/WiFi" article includes a map showing which houses are on the SNC WiFi network.

More details about our streaming TV service are provided in the following article:

Other College Houses

Several houses are not on the SNC WiFi network. TV service in these houses is provided via a Spectrum Business account (paid for by the college). A set-top box, provided by the college, is required for each TV.

Over The Air

Students are also able to connect a digital antenna to their TV and watch free TV over the air. This service is not provided by the college; it is available per federal rules that require certain stations to broadcast a digital signal. If you choose this option, be sure to use an antenna that fits nicely in a residence hall room.

Channel Lineup

The full lineup of channels is available on our TV Channels web page.


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