ITS Service Desk

Computer Purchase Recommendations

Personally Owned Computers/Devices

For students purchasing a laptop, we provide our minimum recommended specs on this web page:

Please pay special attention to the memory and hard drive specifications. Also see the info on the above page about recommendations for certain academic programs or majors. You may also find the following information helpful:

If you're looking at a couple of computers online and you'd like our opinion, feel free to send us an email ( with those links. We're happy to respond back and offer our feedback.

College Owned Computers/Devices

If you're purchasing a computer or device (laptop, iPad, etc) that will be owned by the college, no matter how it's being paid for, contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance. This applies to any device purchased with department funds, startup funds, grants, etc. We have specific models, warranty requirements, and pricing for devices that we will own and officially support. Be sure to contact us at least a month or more before you need the device. Lead times vary based the vendor and availability.

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