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How To Change Your Email Address

All St. Norbert College email addresses are based on your first and last name. Users are not able to select custom or vanity email addresses. However, you do have the option of using your given name or a nickname as part of your email address.

For example, if your email address is "" but you normally use the name "Bob", you can change your email address accordingly to "'. This is usually handled when a new employee is hired or when a student enrolls in the college. If you'd like to change it, notify the appropriate office below:


If you are a new, incoming student, who has made a deposit but not yet enrolled in classes, notify the Admission office.

All other students notify the Registrar's office.


Notify the Human Resources office.


Notify the Alumni Relations office.

After it's changed...

When the above offices change your name in our administrative system, that change will be reflected everywhere your name is used. Gmail will also generate a new email address for you using your new name. While we can't tell you exactly when this change will happen on your Google account, it usually happens within a few hours (certainly by the next day). When you can no longer login using your old email address, just start by using your new first name and last name combination.

To verify what your current email address is, see this article:

After Gmail changes your address, your old email address will become an alias to your new one. This means that you will continue to receive email sent to your old address. If you'd like to remove that old alias (forcing email sent there to bounce), contact us and we'll remove it for you.

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