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How To Use Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat, a G Suite app, is a simple-to-use chat platform, allowing you to quickly exchange messages with individuals or groups of individuals. Since it's part of G Suite, we login using our SNC email address, allowing us to converse with anyone at SNC.

Note that while the official name is "Hangouts Chat", it is often called simply "Chat". Google also has a similar product called "Hangouts" which is being discontinued.

Here are several practical examples of usage:

  • share a photo with everyone in your department
  • communicate with co-workers when email is overkill
  • when using the mobile app in any campus building, you're on the wifi network, which is often more reliable than a cellular signal; in other words, sending a chat message will often be more reliable than sending a traditional text/SMS message
  • organize a group of classmates to work on a project together

Sign in

To sign into Hangouts Chat, visit:

Install apps

Mobile apps as well as native apps for Windows and MacOS are also available. More details are available in these Google articles:

≫ Sign in to Hangouts Chat
≫ What can you do with Hangouts Chat?


You can choose whether you receive notifications, and if so, how:

Turn notifications on or off

Usage tip

Communicating with a group is a very effective way to get a message out to many people at once. Hangouts Chat calls groups "rooms". Consider creating a room for your department or for your student organization.

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