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How To Use SpectrumU Streaming TV App

Our TV service for students is delivered via SpectrumU, a video streaming service (similar to Netflix and Hulu) that delivers a wide variety of live TV, entertainment, news and sports programming. It's new to our campus in 2019. You can watch using an app on your mobile device or via a web browser on your laptop. Whereas other streaming services are not free, SpectrumU is free for all St. Norbert College students.

How is SpectrumU different from the older traditional cable service?

These are some key differences between watching SpectrumU and watching traditional cable TV:

  • When you watch SpectrumU on your TV (see below), your TV no longer needs a QAM tuner to pick up channels and you no longer need a coax cable.
  • Multiple roommates in the same room can watch different TV channels using their own device.
  • Students can watch SpectrumU inside any building on campus while connected to "snc" WiFi, instead of only in the residence halls.
  • SpectrumU has 130+ channels (the older service had about 80), which includes an add-on sports package of about 30 channels.
  • SpectrumU includes access to on-demand TV shows and movies, something not available in the older service.

Service Availability

Your device must be connected to the SNC network either via a wired connection or on the "snc" WiFi network. If your device does not have an SNC IP address (which starts with 138.74.) it will not be able to access SpectrumU. No ID or password is required; just launch the app and it will run.

Watch on your mobile device

spectrumu.jpgThe SpectrumU app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded from the usual locations:

Tip #1SpectrumU will only work while your device is connected to the college network ("snc" wifi or wired).

Tip #2: If the app prompts you to enter ANYTHING, that means you're not connected to the "snc" wifi network. When connected properly, the app will not prompt for any information.

Watch on your laptop

You can also watch SpectrumU by visiting

SpectrumU requires Adobe Flash to be working in your browser. Chrome includes Flash built-in; if prompted to run it, just click "Allow":


Tip #1SpectrumU will only work while your device is connected to the college network ("snc" wifi or wired).

Tip #2: If the app prompts you to enter ANYTHING, that means you're not connected to the "snc" wifi network. When connected properly, the app will not prompt for any information.

Note: In 2017, Adobe announced that it will "stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020." Accordingly, most video content providers (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc) have already converted their service to use more modern streaming technology, like HTML5. Spectrum has not yet done this. As such, you may experience issues with your browser's attempt to view Spectrum content. If you have any troubles, our best recommendation is to simply try another browser. For example, our testing has shown occasional issues when trying to watch SpectrumU using Chrome. However, when viewing via Firefox, it works just fine. Additional assistance is available from Adobe's Flash Player Help.

Watch on your TV

You can watch SpectrumU on your TV via one of the following methods:

  • Plug a Roku device into an HDMI port on your TV. Download the Spectrum app onto the Roku device. Note that on the Roku device, the app is called "Spectrum", not "SpectrumU."

    For your reference, there are several models of Roku devices, all of which will work fine. Our successful tests included a Roku Express, which is the least expensive of them all. You can purchase this device from the SNC Bookstore or from other vendors like Walmart and Amazon.

  • If you have a Roku TV (made by companies like Philips, LG, and others), it has the capabilities built-in; you won't need to use a separate device.

  • Watch on your laptop (as explained above) and connect it to your TV via an HDMI cable.

SpectrumU will only work while your device is connected to the college network ("snc" wifi or wired).

Other devices

SpectrumU is not available on any other devices besides what we've mentioned above. As of August 2019, there is no app available for Xbox, Playstation, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc. If Spectrum makes their app available on more devices, then you'll be able to use them.


The channel line up is available here:

DVR Functionality

DVR capabilities are not available in this service.

Prompts For Info

If SpectrumU prompts you to enter ANYTHING, then you're not on the "snc" WiFi Network. Other colleges use SpectrumU by requiring their students to login or enter a college domain name or something similar. We don't do that. Our only requirement is that the device is on the "snc" WiFi network; and when you launch SpectrumU, it just runs. So if you see such a prompt, exit the app, switch to the "snc" WiFi network, then re-launch the app.

Also realize that we have no wireless access points outside. The WiFi signal from many buildings may reach outside but it's not guaranteed. So if you're trying to watch TV outside, double check to be sure you're on the network.


If you need assistance setting up SpectrumU, please contact the ITS Service Desk. Like any other streaming service, we'll give you a hand at getting it setup and making sure your device is working properly on our network. If you need additional help from Spectrum, they offer some support resources on their web site. As you use their information, keep in mind that ours is not a traditional home service, so some functions may not work exactly as documented:

≫ Spectrum TV App and Troubleshooting
≫ TV Channel Apps FAQ

Spectrum also offers the following document which is mostly technical info for administrators, but it includes some helpful info for users, like a list of specific devices/browsers that are supported:

SpectrumU TV for administrators

Cable TV for Campus Offices

SpectrumU is a service for individual student use only. TV service for offices, lobbies, residence hall lounges, and administrative areas on campus still use traditional cable TV.

Additional Resources

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