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How To Work With A Former Employee's Account

When an employee leaves the college, the supervisor of that employee may request access to the employee's Google account for a period of up to 30 days. With this access, the supervisor may wish to:

  • monitor the Inbox and handle incoming messages as they arrive
  • read old emails (received and sent)
  • automatically forward all incoming emails to themselves for easier handling
  • setup an autoresponder to notify the sender that the employee no longer works at St. Norbert College
  • review the calendar to see what appointments the former employee may have
  • review and handle all documents in Google Drive

This only works after the account has been turned off by HR. To request this access, the supervisor should contact Human Resources.

Moodle Access

If the former employee was an instructor with courses in Moodle, a new instructor will have that same access to the courses once the Registrar assigns them in Banner. This access is updated overnight, so the new instructor will have access the next morning.

Former Employee who is also an Alum or Retiree

If the former employee is also an alum or retiree of the college, that person will lose access to their account during the time that the supervisor has access. When that period of time has expired, the alum or retiree will then have access based on current policies for alumni accounts.

Computer Handling

When an employee leaves the college, the Service Desk is automatically notified if they had a computer assigned to them. We will then contact the department to work out how to handle that computer. Per our Computer Refresh Program, the computer must be kept and assigned to the former employee's replacement. So, there are several possible scenarios in order to facilitate that:

  • The department can hold onto the computer and then give it to the new employee.
  • The department can turn over the laptop to the Service Desk so that we can wipe it, re-image it, and prepare it for the next employee.
  • The department can choose a combination of the above, where they hang onto the laptop for a while before turning it over to the Service Desk.

No matter how it's handled, the ITS Service Desk must assign the computer to the new employee when they are hired.

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