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How To Filter Email

There are a number of reasons why email filters may be helpful to you.

As employees and students at the college, we are automatically on many email lists from which we cannot unsubscribe. If some of those emails are cluttering your Inbox, you can setup a filter to automatically move them to a separate label (which works somewhat like a folder). The nice thing about this is that the emails are always there if you should need them, they just don't appear in your Inbox.

You may also want to create a filter that automatically moves email from a specific person into its own label.

To do this, you'll first need to create a label. A couple of examples might be to create a label called "department" to track the messages each person in your department sends to you; or create a label called "Service Desk" to hold all email received from us at the ITS Service Desk. Google has a nice article that explains how to create labels to organize Gmail

Second, create a filter that sends email to the previously created label. Again, Google has an article that explains how to create rules to filter your emails.

If you should need any assistance with this, please just visit us at the Service Desk in Cofrin Hall. You don't need to bring your computer. We can login to your account from here and walk you through it.

Note: You can also create filters that automatically delete certain incoming emails. Depending on the criteria in your filter, this might cause you to miss important communications from the college. So, while you're in complete control of your own Inbox, do this with caution.

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