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How To Record Video of Your Event

If you would like to make a video recording of an event, we can offer a couple of suggestions. While we don't provide personnel to attend and record your event or class, here are a couple of ideas for recording it yourself:

  • Most modern smartphones come with a very good quality video camera. With some basic knowledge of how your camera works, you can make a nice recording of your event or class, stored in a digital format.
  • Other mobile devices can also make good video recordings. So if you or a friend or a campus department has a device like an iPad, you can use that.
  • We also have an iPod Touch available for checkout at the Service Desk. Please check with us to see if it's available.

We also have a few smartphone-sized tripods available for checkout at the Service Desk.

After you make the recording, you can then upload the video to Google Drive or YouTube if you'd like.

If you'd like to explore these options further, we'd be happy to provide some guidance and tips; stop by the Service Desk ahead of your event.

NOTE: While ITS used to have video cameras available for checkout at the Service Desk, the quality and capabilities of smartphone cameras has surpassed the cameras we had. We no longer have them available. Modern smartphones make very good recordings.

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