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How To Access KnightLine

KnightLine is a self-service application for the student and employee information system that provides access to functions like class registration, time sheets, financial aid, and payroll.

We released a new version of KnightLine in October 2019. The old/current version of KnightLine will continue to be available until some time in 2020 (date yet to be determined) for functions that aren't yet available in the new version. The new version features a modern design which works well on mobile devices.

To access KnightLine, visit the following site:

You will see a screenshot of the two available versions. Click the image for the version you want to use:



Then login using your six-letter login ID.

If you experience any troubles in KnightLine, try clearing your cache. Here are the steps to do this in Chrome:

  1. Press Ctl-Shift-Delete
  2. In the window that pops up, check "Browsing History" and "Cached images and files"
  3. Click "Clear data"

Instructions for clearing your cache in other browsers are available via this Google search.

If there are specific questions or concerns for services/functionality related to a campus office, please reach out to the individuals below:
Financial Aid:
Human Resources:
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