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Software For Staff and Faculty

This is a guide to software used by staff and faculty.

Office Suite

We use G Suite for email, calendar, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and file storage. Specific apps include:

These are all available at no cost to people with an SNC email account. While Microsoft Office 365 is also available for use at no cost, G Suite is still our official and recommended office suite.

Web Browser

We recommend Chrome. Other browsers that may also work well include Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Internet Explorer is no longer maintained by Microsoft and is therefore not allowed.


For suggestions on charting software, see this article:

Project Management

We recommend SmartSheet, which is in use in a number of departments on campus. There was a time when ITS managed an account that was available for use by college employees. But their licensing model no longer offers any advantage to maintaining a campuswide account. Therefore, individual departments can setup their own SmartSheet accounts based on their specific needs and budget. Microsoft Project is also an option. Neither of these are free.

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