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How To Manage File Submissions

If you have a project where multiple people will need to submit files (i.e. videos, documents, etc), there are a couple of approaches you can take, both using Google Drive. You can use a shared drive to handle those submissions or you can have specific individuals share a file with you.

Option #1 - Shared drive

1) Create a shared drive and give access to the people who need to submit files. They will need to have at least "Contributor" access so that they can add files. Perhaps create a "submissions" folder and have each person submit there.

2) As each person submits their file, you can then remove their access to the shared drive if they no longer need that access.

3) When submissions are all in, you'll have a folder full of files which you can then manage.

The one caveat with this method is that as each individual uploads their own file, they will be able to see the other files that have already been submitted (unless you've moved them).

Option #2 - Individual sharing

1) Have the individuals upload the file to their own Google Drive. They can then grant you view access to that file. You'll receive an email notification about this access.

2) View the file and download it to your computer. This gives you a full copy of that file, which you can then upload to your own Google Drive for further handling.

3) Reply back to the person who shared it with you, tell them that you now have a copy of the file and that they can now remove your access.

Option #3 - Google Form

IMPORTANT: Due to security features now in place on our account, this option is no longer available. We hope that Google will make this available in the future, so we're leaving the text here for future reference.

When you create a Google Form, one of the field options is called "File upload". This allows the user to upload a file which goes to the Google Drive of the form owner. You can specify if the file must be a specific format like PDF, video, etc. More details on this option are available in Google's article:

Subsequent handling

At this point, you have the files and you can then handle them based on your need. If you now need to have others review the files, just put them in a shared drive (or use the same shared drive if you opted for #1 above) and give the reviewers view access to that drive.

If you don't need to share them with anyone, just put them in your own Google Drive for further use.

Sharing with Non-SNC people

If a person without an SNC account needs to submit files to you, they might be able to simply email them to you as an attachment. But Google has email attachment limitations. So, if you're talking about very large files, they will need to set something up on their end. There is not a way to use our SNC accounts to allow a non-SNC account to upload files. Some suggestions for the other person include:

  • put files on their own Google Drive account
  • put files on their own Dropbox account
  • put files on their website

No matter which solution they use, that other person would then tell you how you can get the files. Most solutions like those suggested will simply allow that person to share a URL with you, which you can then access via your web browser.

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