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How to View a Video in Google Drive

Google Drive can be used to store videos for users to view. Here are some troubleshooting tips to make sure you can view the video.


  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Make sure the video is shared with you. When videos are shared, the owner can either share with a Google Group (a class/group listserv), or an individual.
  • Make sure you are using your SNC Google account. When videos are shared,they are traditionally set so that only SNC Google accounts can access the video.  You can see what account you are using in Google Drive by looking on the top right of the Google Drive page. 
  • Use a browser that works well with Google Drive. These include Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Certain browsers have had a record of not working well with Google Drive.  These include Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. 
  • If your browser has been unable to view the video through Google Drive, try downloading the video to your computer.  You can do this by clicking the download icon on the top right of the Google Drive window when looking at the video.
    • If your computer is having a problem viewing the video locally, a different media player may work better. A good player to try is VLC Media Player

If you are still encountering issues after going through these steps. please contact the ITS Service Desk at or (920)-403-4040. 


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