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Is this email legitimate?

We occasionally receive inquiries from users asking if a specific email is real. This may be in the form of an email that is forwarded to the ITS Service Desk, asking simply, "is this legitimate?"

The first thing you should know is that if you're questioning the validity of an email you received before you act on it, that's a good thing. You should always be confident about the authenticity of an email message before you respond or do what it says. That said, the information we provide here applies to all such emails, no matter who sent them to you, even if the sender is not connected to SNC.

We in ITS do not maintain a list of legitimate email messages, nor do departments notify us when they send emails. Therefore, there is no technical way for us to know if a particular email is real.

But there is a simple solution: just call the sender and ask them.

If the email you received says that it's from a specific person at a specific company (SNC or otherwise), do not reply to the message. Instead, call or email the sender directly and ask them if they sent it. If it is indeed legitimate, the sender may find it helpful for you to explain why you questioned it so that they can use that information when they send similar emails in the future. And if you don't have the sender's contact information, just get it from their web site. If the email in question did not come from a specific person, only a company or department, again, just contact that company or department and ask them.

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