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How To Change Your Name In Zoom

When you login to Zoom, your first and last name are automatically pulled in from our administrative system. Therefore, you cannot change your name in Zoom. If you have a nickname defined in Knightline, then Zoom will use it instead of your first name.

Change Your Name For Specific Meeting

If you attend a meeting where the host has allowed participants to rename themselves, then you will indeed be able to change your name for that meeting. To do this, mouse over your image, click the small three-dot button, and select "Rename". If you do not see the "Rename" option, then the host has not enabled this feature.

To change this option for meetings that you host, go into your Zoom settings, and find the option named "Allow participants to rename themselves" as shown here:


Any changes you make to this setting will be in effect for all future meetings that you host (even those that are already scheduled).


June 23, 2021 Update - Zoom recently implemented a feature that allows you to add and share your pronouns. This feature is now available in version 5.7.0 of their client app. We are looking into our ability to implement this.

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