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How To Use Scheduling Privilege in Zoom

Zoom's Scheduling Privilege feature allows one user to schedule meetings on behalf of another user, with that other user as the host. For example, a secretary can schedule a meeting with their boss as the host.

To set this up, the boss must first grant the privilege on their Zoom profile settings page (this option is near the bottom of the page). In this setting, you can see a list of people to whom you have assigned this access, as well as a list of people who you can schedule for.


Scheduling via Zoom web site

If you have been given access to schedule meetings for someone else, you will see an additional option each time you create a new meeting in the Zoom meeting schedule page. The default will always be to schedule a meeting for yourself. To change this, just click the drop down selection next to "Schedule For".


Scheduling via Google Calendar

If you'd like to do this while scheduling a meeting in Google calendar, follow these steps:

  1. make sure the other person has already given you access to their calendar
  2. when creating a meeting, select the other person's calendar to put the event on their calendar, as you normally would
  3. click the "Add video conferencing" drop down button and select "Zoom"

This will not only put that meeting on their calendar, but they will also be the host of the Zoom meeting.

Changing an Existing Meeting

You can using this feature even after a meeting has already been scheduled. If you need someone else to own a meeting instead of you, first make sure the other person has granted you scheduling privilege as described above. Then edit an existing meeting, and look for the "Schedule for" option as shown above. Just change it to the other person and save.

Now, the other person is the host of that meeting. It will no longer show up in your list of meetings.

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