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How to create virtual office hours in Moodle

To start, navigate to your course's homepage in Moodle.

Click the settings gear icon, then click "Turn editing on". 


Under the topic you'd like to add the Zoom meeting, click "Add an activity or resource".


In the Activity list, select "Zoom meeting", then click "Add".


On the next page, add the Zoom meeting info.  We recommend naming the meeting “Virtual Office Hours”.


Then, below that select “Enable waiting room”.  This will result in deselecting “Enable join before host” which is desired.  This change will allow you to manually admit students into the meeting.


Once that’s completed, scroll to the bottom of the window, and click "Save and return to course" or "Save and display" to add the meeting to your course.

Your “Virtual Office Hours” meeting has been made.


Adding the “Virtual Office Hours” to other courses:


First select the “Virtual Office Hours” Zoom meeting you just created.



When it brings you to a new page, copy the link that is after “Join link”.


Then, go to another course that you would like to include the “Virtual Office Hours” in.


If not in editing mode, click the settings gear icon, then click "Turn editing on". 



Then select “Add an activity or resource”



Instead of creating another zoom link, we will make a URL which should be at the bottom of the page.



Then fill in the “Name” with “Virtual Office Hours” and paste the link to the Zoom meeting in the “External URL”.


Then select “Save and return to course” at the bottom on the page.


Students will then be able to click that link to join the “Virtual Office Hours” Zoom meeting!

Repeat the in this section for any other courses you want to set up virtual office hours for.


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